Crown Machinery, LLC

    Crown Machinery, LLC

      157 Dick Hayes Rd.     
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      Scottsboro, AL 35768
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    Servicing the Lumber, Paper, Wood Shavings
   and Industrial Markets


Crown Machinery, LLC has a long history of selling new and rebuilt sawmill equipment in addition to building entire grade mills and pallet mills. Crown has further been a supplier, builder and installer of Chip Bins, Bag Houses, Shaving equipment and other products in the growing bedding and boiler markets.


Today, Crown Machinery, LLC�s sister company is manufacturing the new generation high production Kimber Whole Log Shavers. The Kimber Wood Shavings machines are designed for high production, easy maintenance and multiple adjusting points to produce the shavings your customer requires. Kimber Shavings machines are built of heavy steel construction; the heads and 75 hp motors are mounted in a slide box that rolls out to the side for easy head maintenance. The log box is powered by two hydraulic cylinders to apply continues even pressure across the shavings heads. Please look at our videos, pictures and specification on each machine.

Kimber Large Flake Pine Shavings
Kimber Large Pine Flake Cut

The pictures on the right and left let you see how well the Kimber Shavers produce. Kimber Pine Log Shavers are adjustable to produce the product your customer needs. Kimber Shavers will cut anything from Large Flake to Fine Cut Shavings.

Kimber Fine Pine Shavings
Kimber Fine Pine Shavings